Deliciously healthy food – in the raw

Inga Dirziute - Pure on Raw
Inga Dirziute - Pure on Raw
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When Inga Dirziute’s partner and son both began struggling with asthma, she turned to her grandmother’s secrets of natural plant remedies and healthy eating.

Within weeks their health improved and the entire family had more energy. Now Inga, of Deepcar, is giving others a chance to sample her delicious but healthy meals when she opens 
Pure on Raw – a new vegan café at Shalesmoor.

Inga, whose Lithuanian grandma lived to be over 100, was ‘amazed’ at the difference vegan food made and began researching raw and wholefood diets, even though she had always enjoyed meat.

She found that she could create breads and wraps by using a dehydrator and experimented with puréed nuts to make a creamy base for puddings.

“I soon got bored by the usual recipes and felt motivated to create something more interesting, so I went to Atlanta, Georgia, to study Raw Food Nutrition Science, because I wanted to learn everything about preparing it in the most interesting, delicious ways,” she says.

The new café, due to open next month, will specialise in food that is ‘modern with a twist of nature’, including wraps, burgers and delicious desserts and cakes made of cocoa, dates and coconut sweetened with local honey.

Inga is also planning to deliver Juice Detox and raw food boxes locally. And she will be running courses on raw food preparation, so fellow enthusiasts can make the food at home.

“Everyone can benefit!” she says. “People who want to lose weight, eat more healthily, diabetics, coeliacs, or just people looking for something new and different.”

Lesley Draper