Cyclists left ‘embarrassed and insulted’ by ‘pathetic’ cycle lane

4 meter long cycle lane in Chesterfield.
4 meter long cycle lane in Chesterfield.
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Cyclists are getting their spokes in a spin – on a mind-boggling two-way cycle path, with two baffling Give Way signs, all squeezed into a tiny stretch of road just four metres long.

The super-short cycle lane crams in two dropped kerbs, two white painted triangular Give Way markers, two painted bicycles and two sets of painted hatched lines - all surrounded by a forbidding arc of double yellows.

It is separated from the pedestrian footpath which runs alongside it by another painted white line.

The 13ft stretch of highway, on Beetwell Street in Chesterfield, has attracted the derision of the town’s cycling community.

Cycling commuter Will Jones, aged 22, said: “It makes the council a laughing stock. Why on earth would anybody need a cycle lane so short? It’s stupid.”

Cyclist Lisa Jennings, 36, said: “It’s an embarrassment to the town. There are so many dangerous roads which really do need a cycle lane but don’t have one. To paint this pathetic little lane is just an insult to cyclists who are forced to use genuinely dangerous roads which still don’t have a cycle lane. The council needs to get its priorities straight.” But a Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: “This is not a four-metre long cycle path – it is part of our Chesterfield town-wide network.

“The photograph makes it look odd because it is a busy part of town and it is intersected by two road junctions.

“We’re keen to promote cycling and make our towns accessible to cyclists. This cycle path runs from West Bars, along New Beetwell Street, ending at Park Road.

“It is a continuation of a longer cycle path from the A61 Derby Road, through the picturesque Queen’s Park into the town centre.”