Crowds out in force to see the past unearthed

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OVER 1,000 people turned up at an archaeology open day on the site of Doncaster’s Civic and Cultural Quarter, at Waterdale.

Visitors were given guided tours of the archaeological site and looked at displays.

Seven archaeologists from the archaeological contractor ArcHeritage told them about their work and the artefacts that have been discovered on site. Doncaster’s Tourist Information and Museum teams were also present with interesting Roman artefacts found in Doncaster over the years.

The archaeological investigations on the site of a former Roman cremation cemetery have uncovered a rare Roman glass jug dating back to about AD150, several cremation urns and five oil lamps, which accompanied burials.

Four of the five Roman oil lamps discovered in a large cremation pit are in near-perfect condition and carry the makers’ names Fortis and Strobili. Experts say it indicates they were probably created in Modena in Italy.