Cream of Sheffield climbers ready to pass on her expertise

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EIGHT-times British climbing champion Lucy Creamer has hailed her adopted home city of Sheffield as she prepares to share her skills.

The 41-year-old, from Taunton, has lived in Sheffield for the past 15 years with her adventure and lifestyle photographer partner Tim Glasby.

Lucy Creamer. Picture: Tim Glasby

Lucy Creamer. Picture: Tim Glasby

Lucy, who lives in Meersbrook, said: “Sheffield is the climbing Mecca of Britain, without a doubt.

“There was a ready-made community here – friends, fantastic facilities and the Peak District within 10 minutes of my house. Once I moved here, my climbing definitely improved.”

Now she is preparing to pass on her expertise at a Climbing Expert Night tomorrow, ahead of The Star-backed Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

Lucy will be talking at tomorrow’s event at The Showroom in the city centre, before being a judge at the festival, which runs from Friday to Sunday, March 1 to 3.

Accomplished female climber Lucy Creamer in Germany. Picture: Tim Glasby/

Accomplished female climber Lucy Creamer in Germany. Picture: Tim Glasby/

She said: “Generally, women are not as gung-ho as men.

“I remember early on going to a climbing wall and men would just throw themselves at something.

“I’d hold back, even though I was one of the better climbers in the group. I’d think ‘oh no, I won’t be able to do that’, and then sneak a little try when no-one was looking.

“I got over it, but I remember it at the start. It’s why I liked climbing with men – they just tried things, didn’t care how they looked or what people thought – they just had a go. It was a good lesson.”

But Lucy believes the next generation of women climbers are more relaxed.

She said: “There are more role models out there, which helps a massive amount, but, that said, generally women are still more cautious.

“It’s not they’re not trying hard, but maybe they find failing publicly more difficult.

“Perhaps that’s to do with our personalities, but that’s not to say it can’t change.

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