Coffee break gets West all wired up for new role

Dominic West from The Wire randomly waiting for coffee at Fusion Cafe on Arundel Street!
Dominic West from The Wire randomly waiting for coffee at Fusion Cafe on Arundel Street!
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SPOT the superstar next to the coffee machine...

International TV star Dominic West popped out of rehearsals for his new Crucible production of Othello for a cuppa at the nearby Fusion Cafe.

The Sheffield-born actor, made famous by the hit US detective TV series The Wire, is back in town for the Shakespearean drama, in which he appears alongside fellow Wire star Clarke Peters.

After weeks of hard work, Othello opens to the public tonight, with an open dress rehearsal at 7.15pm.

Even seasoned award-winning actors need a break from rehearsing, and West has been seen on several occasions out and about, taking a breather in the city centre.

When he sauntered into the Fusion Cafe, barely anyone batted an eyelid.

Photographer Alan Janaszek, who was in the Arundel Street cafe to take pictures for a Star food review, didn’t even recognise West until a staff member pointed him out.

Alan said: “None of the customers seemed to know who he was - he wasn’t really creating much of a stir. But a staff member pulled me aside and said, ‘Don’t you know who that is? He’s a massive star!’”

Cafe manager Melvin Jarman said: “He has been in a few times recently, which has got the staff very excited. I haven’t spoken to him myself, but I spoke to another guy from the cast, who said we had the best food in Sheffield, which was pretty cool!”

Othello runs at the Crucible until October 15. Tickets for tonight’s dress rehearsal costs just £1. The three review nights, which run until Monday, are sold out. Full-price performances start on Tuesday, with tickets priced £12 to £25.