'Chocolate or sex' row of hang girl

A WOMAN hanged herself after a drunken row with her girlfriend over whether to have sex or go and buy chocolate, an inquest heard.

Zara Bennett locked herself in partner Leanne Fitzpatrick's house and hanged herself from the stairs after the row escalated when they got back from the shop.

Sheffield Coroner's Court heard the pair drank six cans of lager each before arguing because Miss Bennett wanted sex.

Miss Fitzpatrick said they went to a garage for chocolate instead, but bickered on the way back to her house on Warren Quarry Lane, Worsbrough, Barnsley.

The argument continued inside and she went to a friend's to cool off. But when she returned moments later all the doors were locked and Zara - who had a history of suicide attempts - would not answer the door.

Miss Fitzpatrick said she called police and two officers quickly arrived, but they waited 21 minutes for door breaking equipment to arrive.

Once inside they found 26-year-old Miss Bennett lying on the stairs with a judo belt attached to banisters and tied around her neck.

The inquest heard she still showed signs of life and officers attempted resuscitation but she was pronounced dead on arrival at Barnsley Hospital just before midnight on December 2.

Miss Fitzpatrick said: "We argued over something silly, I wanted to go to the garage for chocolate and she wanted sex.

"But on the way back the arguing started again. I said she should leave but she didn't want to go.

"She was threatening to cut her wrists and I grabbed a knife and said, 'how would you feel if I did it? It hurts me so much to see you do that'.

"It surprises me that she hanged herself, she always told me she wanted to do it but didn't have the guts."

Last summer Miss Bennett, of Selby Road, New Lodge, deliberately took an overdose of methadone but called an ambulance before it could take effect, the inquest heard. Consultant psychiatrist Gillian Kirk said she had been prescribed drugs to control her impulsive and emotionally unstable personality.

Miss Bennett's mum June Mallinder, of Wakefield, said she spoke to her daughter for 15 minutes earlier in the evening and she seemed fine.

Assistant deputy coroner Donald Coutts Wood said there was no note and he could not be sure Miss Bennett meant to kill herself. He returned a verdict of misadventure.

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