Changing and listening as Star presses on with improvements

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Stories, pages and headlines alter minute by minute at The Star but even by our standards there have been big changes in the last ten editions.

You will spot a huge range of differences to every element of your new-look Star from the layout to the content, headlines, puzzles and everything inbetween.

Our aim is to improve your local newspaper so it not only provides you with everything you have come to expect, but also a little bit extra and even the occasional surprise.

However, we are the first to admit that it is impossible to get everything right first time which is exactly why we have been asking for your feedback.

And have you given it to us in letters, emails, phones calls, online comments and chats with our journalists during the roadshows.

That is exactly what we were hoping for and, as always, you haven’t let us down.

You got the message that The Star was changing, you braced yourself, took time to go through it with a fine toothcomb and then let us know your opinion.

As I am sure you can imagine, such extensive changes took a bit of getting used to in the newsroom so we do understand that anything new can take a bit of getting used to.

One reader described it like wearing a new pair of shoes and another compared it to when supermarkets switch products around.

Whatever the simile or metaphor, the truth is that the vast majority of your comments have been very positive and supportive.

You agreed The Star needed a fresher look, you want us to keep up with changing times and you like what we are doing.

What you want most is your local newspaper to truly represent our amazing city of Sheffield and all its people.

That is what we want too.

Changes were due and nothing, especially a local newspaper in the era of digital communication, can stand still.

So when you told us we had got things wrong we listened and we are making a few changes. Now to some readers they might seem like little things, but to others they really are important.

Many of you thought the new sudoku was too easy. Don’t worry we are introducing a more difficult one soon.

We were also told that having large chunks of stories written on grey boxes was hard to read.

So our design team have removed it from this page for a kick-off.

We think it makes it easier to read, what do you think?

What you really gave a big thumbs-up to was our new supplements and the open invite to get involved.

Woman’s Editor Jo Davison has already had some great recipes, ideas and contributions to her Style pull-out as you will have seen.

Entertainment Writer Julia Armstrong has several families lined up to write their own reviews for the paper.

There is also a growing army of people tweeting reviews online.

We love publishing your stories and photos however you get them to us.

Last but by no means least, the thing that has struck me most during our whole relaunch is the loyalty of so many readers.

Thousands of your families have been getting The Star delivered since well before you were born.

So thanks for all your ideas, comments, suggestions and even the complaints, bvut don’t stop now.

Pop along to today’s roadshow on Fargate, write to me, Nancy Fielder, The Star, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU; email, tweet or send a Facebook message.

As long as you keep them coming, we will keep listening and do our very best to keep on improving.