Burst pipes headache for water firm

THE big freeze and subsequent thaw has left Yorkshire Water dealing with 300 burst pipes in areas across the region, including South Yorkshire.

A "massive effort" is underway to repair the pipes, which have been damaged due to ground movement, the company said.

More than 300 of its staff have been working over the Christmas holiday to find and fix leaks, with many more customer services staff offering help and advice to homeowners whose internal pipes have frozen up.

And, during the past week, Yorkshire Water has received an "unprecedented" number of calls from customers seeking help and advice about frozen pipes.

Manager of Community Engagement Richard Sears said: "We're working really hard to fix these bursts, however our customers can help too.

"Those that currently have access to a water supply can help those that don't by using supplies wisely.

"The volume of water being lost through bursts means that it is proving difficult to maintain pressure in the water supply system.

"The less water people use, particularly at teatime and at breakfast, the quicker the system will recharge."

To report a leak call Yorkshire Water on 0800 1 24 24 24.

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