Bubbly Britain seen from the hot tub

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They are the ultimate status symbol.

Now, with an estimated one household in 10 possessing a hot tub (and, of course, the bigger they are the better), it’s a pretty lucrative business.

That can only be good news for Dennis Holmes, his son Dan Holmes and son-in-law Ross Phillipson, who are the proud owners of the country’s biggest hot-tub superstore on Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool.

They turn over an impressive £10million or more annually, and by the time ITV’s cameras catch up with them, their busiest season is in full swing. Customers come from all walks of life, from millionaire professional football players (and, of course, footballers’ wives) to, we’re told, impoverished cleaners – and models range from basic models starting at around £4,000 up to luxury £20,000 behemoths which feature all mod cons including build-in speakers, lights and complex arrays of bubble-spouting jets.

As well as following the staff responsible for installing these impressive constructions, Hot Tub Britain also hears from outdoor spa enthusiasts up and down the country.Is it simply about enjoying one’s free time, or is there an element of keeping up with the Joneses involved as well?

The idea of transforming one’s garden into a space in which one can enjoy a long, warm, soak outdoors come rain or shine, day or night, is tempting.

This is why Dennis and his workforce are hoping to enjoy their most lucrative year to date.

However, with the majority of his staff comprised of either family members or friends, there is often a – ahem – bubbling resentment just beneath the surface, which comes to the fore as old issues and new rivalries alike rear their head.

Sally Evans, executive producer for the programme’s production company, Shiver, explained: “Hot Tub Britain is an entertaining and insightful documentary which by investigating our passion for hot tubs, gives viewers a quirky and fascinating snapshot of British life today.”