Breast cancer survivor slams doorstep clothing collection for charity

A BREAST cancer survivor has criticised a clothing collection scheme for diverting funds from UK charities.

Jane Hughes, aged 44, of Kenbourne Road, Nether Edge, says she was infuriated when a plastic bag popped through her door with a leaflet urging her to leave out second-hand items to fund a "breast cancer prevention programme".

It stated the collection was run by Essex-based company Intersecond Ltd for Lithuanian charity Azzara.

They are not registered UK charities.

Jane, who beat breast cancer after being diagnosed four years ago, has raised funds for charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

She said: "This takes money from genuine charities in the UK. I have no problem with them saying 'we make money out of selling old clothes'.

"But we don't know how much Intersecond makes and how much is passed on to charity."

Intersecond was unavailable for comment. Its website states it is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and the London Chamber of Commerce and registered as a carrier and broker of controlled waste at the Environment Agency.

It adds: "Our work with Azzara is currently focused on the Do Not Delay project, which aims to raise money to increase access to breast cancer screening in Lithuania.

"Lithuanian women have the highest rate of death from breast cancer in Europe and the Do Not Delay project is working to improve screening to catch the disease earlier."

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