Brave soldier receives the country's highest military medal

WAR hero Colin Lunn kept a Royal appointment to collect one of Britain's highest military honours from the Prince of Wales.

The former McAuley School pupil, from Cantley, was honoured at Buckingham Palace with other soldiers who were being awarded medals for bravery.

Capt Lunn, aged 26, was handed the Military Cross for his actions in braving the bullets of the battlefield to capture an enemy outpost.

The officer was presented with the bravery award for charging two Taliban machine gun posts in January with two men from his unit, killing the insurgents.

At the start of his deployment in October last year, the 26-year-old also crossed a road three times while being fired at by enemy fighters as he helped direct an operation.

His medal citation read: "Through his initiative, courage and aggression Lunn has, on numerous occasions, taken the ?ght to the enemy and defeated him.

"For his complete disregard for his own safety, his repeated acts of conspicuous gallantry, and his determination and ?ghting spirit throughout six months of arduous operations, Lunn deserves signi?cant public recognition."

Cpt Lunn said: "I am deeply honoured to receive the award and will wear the medal for the entire team and our Afghan colleagues that we fought beside."

Despite his honour, Capt Lunn remained modest at the Palace after receiving honours along with three other soldiers from his regiment.

Instead, he chose to praise one of the troops under his command, Lance Corporal Andrew Wardle, 22, who ran through a hail of bullets to rescue a little boy being shot at by Taliban fighters.

He left his position and ran across open ground, while being fired at, to gather up the Afghan child who had been wounded in the back.

Capt Lunn added: "It was a very, very brave thing he did but it was one of many brave things - he's a very good soldier.

"We were out there mentoring Afghan soldiers and they had a lot of respect for the Lance Corporal.

"They wanted to be on patrol when he went out because of what he had done and his professionalism."

Two other soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment were also recognised for their bravery, both receiving the Queen's Gallantry Medal from the prince.

Sergeant John Swithenbank, 32, from Middlesbrough, was decorated for going to the aid of an Afghan soldier who had stepped on an improvised explosive device last autumn in Sangin.

Corporal John Hardman, 32, from Scarborough, received his Queen's Gallantry Medal for going to the aid of a British soldier who had stepped on a device while on a patrol near Gereshk in November 2009.

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I will wear the medal for our entire team and our Afghan


Modest hero: Captain Colin Lunn was full of praise for a colleague after he received the Military Cross

Royal honour: Captain Colin Lunn, of The Yorkshire Regiment, receives the Military Cross from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace