Bouncy Barney is on the lookout for new best pal in Sheffield

Barney with Animal Care Assistant Vykki Whelan
Barney with Animal Care Assistant Vykki Whelan
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HE IS bubbly and bouncy - but not an ounce of trouble.

Meet Barney – named after Barney Rubble from The Flintstones – a loveable lurcher cross who is now ready to move on to a new home.

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre care manager, says of this furry fella:

“Barney is a gorgeous chocolate and white, bubbly, lurcher cross who is about two years old.

“He has no known health issues, loves to learn new tricks and he’s certainly got the aptitude and ability.

“No-one is perfect though.

“We have noticed that at times Barney can be a little bit too bouncy.

“But he is just so in love with life.

“Continuing with consistent training in a home environment is what is needed, somewhere with patience and love. He interacts very well with people.

“But we have noticed that he seems to prefer women to men.

“He could be homed with children, but preferably robust teenagers and he does need a home without other animals.

“Being a beautiful, energetic dog, he needs lots of exercise and we would recommend a minimum of three lots of 30-minute walks a day.

“Barney is currently on a sensitive diet, due to what we call ‘kennel stress tummy’.

“But we anticipate him being fine on a normal diet once he is in a home environment.

“That’s what we want for all our dogs – a permanent home in which they can settle and shine.

“He will make a loyal and loving addition to a family with the time, patience and love to give him.”

Barney is looking for experienced owners who are around most of the time.

He needs someone who is willing to continue his training and development.

However, potential new owners need not worry about Barney being destructive.

He is crate-trained and will settle happily in his crate for a couple of hours when necessary.

Tony said: “Barney’s bouncing, bubbly nature brings to mind the phrase ‘man’s best friend is his dog’.

“And this fellow is jumping for joy at the thought of someone being able to offer him a new home.

“We urge people to come and see if he is the right dog for them.”

RSPCA Sheffield, Stadium Way, Attercliffe, is open every day, except Wednesdays, from 12.30pm until 3.30pm.

It can be contacted on 0114 2898050.

The centre is also looking for foster homes for some of its animals.