Bonfire Night goes off with a bang... but for some it will always be a damp squib

After Dark at Don Valley Bowl......
After Dark at Don Valley Bowl......
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So Bonfire Night is behind us but the fireworks certainly haven’t stopped in Sheffield and there are sure to be plenty more this weekend.

A debate has been raging this week about the bang, whoosh and fizzle of fireworks ... so what do you think?

Do you love the extended celebrations, perhaps you wish it was confined to one day or think that fireworks should be banned altogether?

Here is what our readers are saying online:

Rachel Christian: “Fireworks should be banned, apart from organised displays and then it should only be celebrated on the one day.”

Alison Brady: “Fireworks should just be confined to one day. It isn’t fair on animals.”

Peter Frith: Let them have their fun. Not everyone can have it on the day itself as they have other family commitments or work.”

Lynn Carnall: “We had our own little display on the 5th ... not everyone can get to organised displays.”

Susan Beardow: “Sometimes it’s not possible on the night as it may fall in the week etc when there are work commitments, school days. But they seem to go on forever and I really feel sorry for all the animals that are scared to death by them. One of mine is in a state.”

Andrea Edge: “The fireworks are giving me a headache and they aren’t like they used to be - whizz bang and pretty lights - they sound like pipe bombs going off.”

Sarah Williams-Rooker: “We went to the free organised display at Manor Fields and it was brilliant! It annoyed me on bonfire night when people were setting fireworks off at gone 11pm. It is not fair when you have children in bed and you have to get up for work.”

Andrea Edge: “My cats don’t seem to be fazed by them - they jump into the window to see what the noise is.”

Brenda Mordey: “We having fun no matter what flipping day we have it on.”

Robert Johnson: “Ban the lot! They should only be at organised displays held on November 5.”

Kerry Watkinson: “I think they should only be allowed at displays. My dog will end up having a heart attack one year either through working himself up or heavy sedation all week - it’s not fair.”

Avril Barton: “If the fireworks are like old times, all nice and sparkly then yes I like them but it is all about the loudest bang and most bangs these days so no, I don’t think Bonfire Night should be extended.”

Mike Halsey: “I think there should be harsher penalties for people who let them off after 11pm.”

Richard Mcgowan: “Fireworks are great for November 5 but afterwards they become a nuisance.”

Marie Jackson: “Fireworks should be on the day or weekend only - or better still just organised displays as some of them are far too loud. My kids were shattered going to school and us to work because fireworks are going off well into the early hours. It is so unfair and wrong.”

Sheila Jackman: “Fireworks should be banned for good.”

Ste Roe: “I don’t mind fireworks as long as they stop at a reasonable time. Yesterday somebody decided setting off their 100 shot barrage would be a good idea ... at midnight.”

Sarah Steer: “Fireworks should be banned unless at displays.”

Amanda Owen: “It is my scared dog who has suffered the most this year, been suffering for at least a week with idiots letting them off.”

Neil Ellis: “Fireworks should banned except for displays and on November 5. After all it is Bonfire Night. Now it seems to be Bonfire Week!”

Sandra Davies: “The fireworks are a lot quieter than they used to be, but I feel for the old folks, the babies and toddlers, and the animals who are terrified by them - especially since the fireworks start being set off from the end of August onwards, and often are set off after midnight.”

Edwin Brown: “It should be confined to one weekend night closest to November 5 and the day itself. Keep the weekend for organised displays and the 5th for small family events. Keep the large fireworks for organised display and only allow small calibre fireworks to be sold to responsible adults for the family display night. Prosecute anyone setting off fireworks anywhere else!”

Jill Hallam: “I think they are louder than they used to be, they are horrendous. We’ve got it all to come again at New Year. I think they should be only allowed at organised displays.”

Hedley Bishop: “I love fireworks ... the louder the better.”