'Bloodbath' as man stabs himself to death

A RETIRED nursing assistant turned his South Yorkshire terrace into a "bloodbath" when he stabbed himself to death, an inquest heard.

Laurence Major, aged 56, used scissors and kitchen knives to cause dozens of self-inflicted wounds.

Doncaster's deputy coroner Fred Curtis, whose legal career has spanned 35 years, said the stab wounds were "the like of which I have rarely seen".

He expressed his sympathy to relatives who made the gruesome discovery of Mr Major's body last September.

The former nursing assistant had a history of self-harm and was being treated for paranoia and depression. Friends described him as "nervous" and a man who "would worry about little things".

When relatives in East Yorkshire could get no reply to phone calls they travelled to Furnival Road, Balby, Doncaster and let themselves into Mr Major's home with a spare key. A post-mortem examination carried out by Dr Peter Vanezis found 21 self-inflicted stab wounds.

Mr Curtis recorded a verdict of suicide.

Friend Mary Jackson told The Star: "Laurence struggled for years to live in a society based on exploitation of the most vulnerable and, tragically, was overwhelmed by depression."


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