Battle is a famous victory for park

THE massed ranks of soldiers stood resolutely in Sheffield's Norfolk Heritage Park waiting for the order. Then they lowered their guns and charged…into a bloody civil war.

Hundreds of people took part in the re-enactment of an American Civil War battle, which topped the bill at the Sheffield Jubilee Fayre in Norfolk Heritage Park.

The battle was organised to honour British soldier Phillip Baybutt, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour after fighting in the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry more than a hundred years ago.

Organisers the American Veterans Administration and the UK American Civil War Society staged the celebration after it was discovered that his grand-daughter Edna Baybutt was living in England.

Edna watched the battle re-enactment and toured the living history camp which is a feature of Civil War enactments. She was presented with an inscribed Regimental History of the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry and led a commemoration of her grandfather's heroism.

Hundreds of men took part in the battle re-enactment, with cavalry and two batteries of replica cannons. Show visitors could wander their camp to see how soldiers lived in the 19th century.

The two-day Jubilee Show included an environmental area with demonstration gardens, and interactive children's activities. There was an arts and craft marquee, a funfair and traditional kids entertainment, market, donkey rides and tractor and trailer rides.

More than 20,000 attended the largest event in Norfolk Heritage Park since the 1980s. It successfully relaunched the Sheffield Horticultural Show, which has its roots in the city's Dig For Victory Show begun 60 years ago.

Jon Bauer, Sheffield Jubilee Fayre Horticultural Show Manager, said: "The standard of exhibits was as high as any shows and I'd like to thank everyone for their support. The Sheffield Horticultural Show now has a new home as part of the Sheffield Jubilee Fayre and next year can only be bigger and better."

The success of the fayre means it is definitely going to become an annual event say the organisers.