Assets to appreciate in Sheffield

Emma Gregory at Morehall reservoir, which is her favourite place in Sheffield
Emma Gregory at Morehall reservoir, which is her favourite place in Sheffield
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Emma Gregory is the sales director of her family business, Total Property Solutions, a ‘one stop shop’ for property repair and refurbishment needs. Born in Sheffield, she rose from a YTS placement in Stocksbridge steel works to being headhunted for sales in the all-male steel and construction industries. At the moment, she and her whole family are up to their eyes in repairing properties badly damaged in the recent floods. Emma lives in Stocksbridge with her husband Shaun, their two boys, two Westies and two recently adopted goldfish!

Ewden Dam

This is my absolute favourite place to go when I need a breath of fresh air or time to think and put the world in perspective. There have been some major decisions made there with my husband about when we started a family, marriage plans, moving home, or how to approach business decisions and opportunities. I think because it is in such a pure environment that it really does help give clarity to the situation. Plus it’s a great place for the kids to let off steam either on their bikes or just throwing sticks and stones into the dam.

Penistone Cinema

I absolutely love the movies and this cinema holds so much nostalgia for me. It takes you back to a time when the world was so much simpler. I remember as a child going there to watch Walt Disney movies and it is now a place that I prefer to take my children for the movie experience. The main reason for this is that they still have the intermission to enable you to buy a drink or have that all-important ice cream and the lady still comes round to the front of the cinema with the cart to sell them from. It just makes it so much easier for the little ones to keep their attention after having a break, so that they can fully enjoy the experience and the film.

Graves Park

This is a place that I love to visit with the children, too. It holds so many delights for them, whether it’s the newly refurbished park, feeding the ducks or seeing all types of farm animals and feeding them, or being a fab place to go sledging.

Spencer’s Arms, 

I love good food and my absolute favourite restaurant over the last six years or so has got to be The Spencer’s Arms at Cawthorne, near Barnsley. The food is simply divine, the setting is just right and the service is second to none. I always feel special there, which is why we have had many a celebration there. The food and service is fantastic and the atmosphere just what you need for a night out with your friends or family for a truly relaxing, food-tastic time.

Cannon Hall Farm

Another food-tastic place to go! I adore going into their farm shops for their own butchery, homemade pies, bread, cakes, organic fruit and veg and their delicatessen, which has yummy olives, cheese and cooked meats. They have wine, beers and all sorts of lovely things that I go to get, especially when I’m entertaining at my house and cooking up something special.

We always make a trip at Christmas time to stock up. We also visit the animals and take part in the many activities that they hold through the year for the children to get involved in – numerous craft fairs and spooky walks – and also a couple of nicest cafes.

The Greedy Greek Deli

This place on Sharrowvale Road, Hunters Bar, reminds me of being on holiday on a Greek island. Their food is like summer on a plate and I regularly call and get some of their pitta breads, houmous and tzatziki to have at home, especially when we are entertaining guests. I just wish that it was a lot closer to where I live in Stocksbridge so that I could visit it more often.

My Back Garden

My husband and brother have recently finished our two-year decking project that has been sat waiting for some time when it’s not raining and we are not so busy with work to get it finished off.

I love entertaining up there as it is on a split level from the rest of the garden and it looks over on to some green belt fields.

The view is breathtaking and, with the lighting at night that our electrician has put in, the garden is stunning. The seaside boat theme that we have implemented makes it feel just like you are on the deck of a ship looking out at the world, it is also a place where, if I get the weather and the time, I can indulge in my other hobby- reading a good book.

It can be a place for solace as well as for parties.

My Caravan

This is a favourite for all my family because it is where we spend any free time on bank holidays, summer holidays and any other weekends that we can get away from our hectic lifestyle and just chill out and relax.

We go for walks on the beach with the kids and the dogs, enjoy BBQs and we always end up with extended family and friends visiting too. It’s amazing how many people you can squeeze into such a small living space and because it’s a tourer we can end up anywhere!

Step Business Centre

Yes I know I must be crazy, but I enjoy being at work, it’s mainly because when it’s your own business if you don’t love what you do the motivation to succeed must be very hard to drum up – I’m sure anyone who has their own business will understand.

Step Business Centre is full of local small businesses who all support one another regardless of what it is they actually do, with the help of the centre’s management team – there’s a great sense of camaraderie.