Arctics are faves in cities across the land

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Sheffield’s finest the Arctic Monkeys are now the nation’s favourite rock band - and that’s official.

Streaming service Spotify has carried out research into the UK’s most frequently downloaded music, looking at the listening habits of customers in 22 major towns and cities.

And the results were clear - everybody loves the lads from High Green.

The success of last year’s AM album and its three hit sinlges has helped take the band to another level.

Only one city was immune to their charms - Newcastle, where geordies failed to place them anywhere in their top ten.

Everywhere else it was a different story.

The Arctics were the favourite act in Sheffield - obviously - but also in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

In every other city they were in the top three, from Aberdeen to Southampton - with the only exceptions of Swansea and Belfast.

In the biggest market of all, London, the band were rated second, behind French dance duo Daft Punk.

But Arctic Monkeys failed to take the top spot overall. That honour went to dance pop act Bastille.