Arctic blast as bar staff open £40k bottle of rum - WATCH VIDEO

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ARCTIC Monkeys drummer Matt Helders has missed out on nearly £40,000 - after staff at his Sheffield bar unwittingly cracked open a rare and valuable bottle of vintage rum.

Workers at The Bowery, on Devonshire Street, picked up the coveted cask of rum, made 215 years ago by Cumbrian distillery Henry Jefferson of Whitehaven, for the bargain price of £70 last week.

Ross Burkinshaw and Matt Helders support the troops in Afghanistan with a charity auction

Ross Burkinshaw and Matt Helders support the troops in Afghanistan with a charity auction

But the staff had no idea how much the bottle was worth, and eager to sample the contents they broke the seal and poured out a large measure of the spirit when they returned to the bar.

A message posted on the Bowery’s Facebook page admits they made a “stupid mistake” - and added the rum made a “lovely dark and stormy cocktail”.

A video filmed by the Bowery workers shows them pulling off the wax seal from the heavy stoneware bottle before, with some difficulty, pouring a glass, spilling the expensive liquid over the bar.

After the rum was opened, someone at the bar contacted the Rum Story museum in Cumbria, where the drink was originally made, and discovered a similar, sealed bottle fetched £38,000 when it was sold.

The Bowery, which opened in 2008, is backed by Matt and run by DQ club owner Michael Dean, James O’Hara, who organises the Threads club night, and Andy Nicholson, the original Arctic Monkeys bass player who left the Sheffield group following the release of their debut album in 2006.

Matt found out about the booze bungle when he visited the bar with the Arctics’ frontman Alex Turner and downed some shots.

A friend of the group said: “The bar staff were mortified when they found out what they had done.

“Later on that night everyone was talking about it including Matt, Alex and Andy.

“Everyone was shocked but found it pretty funny - except the manager who runs the pub for Matt.”

The Facebook message read: “The industry experts seem to agree that we’ve opened a bottle of booze potentially worth about 40 grand.

“It was a stupid mistake but it made a lovely dark and stormy cocktail. Now we’ve got some of the country’s leading rum experts investigating and coming to see us.”

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