Appeal for new Sheffield choir members

Members of the Worral Male Voice Choir.
Members of the Worral Male Voice Choir.
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A choir which has been running for almost fifty years is in danger of having to break up unless they get more members.

The Worral Male Voice Choir has been running for 48 years, but the members have warned that if they do not have new people to join them by January they will have to disband.

Luke Vickers, a second tenor and also a member of the committee, said: “Over the time I have been there - which is just under a year - the numbers have dropped.

“Also over the last five years the group have lost a lot of members due to ill health and bereavement.

“The choir used to be 60 plus strong and now we’re lucky if we get 20 people sometimes, leaving sections in the choir very short.

“I would hate to see the choir die out as it is in our heritage and such a lovely community thing to get people together.”

“The choir is so important to us as it brings us together, helps us raise money for charity, gives some of the members a purpose and a social life and brings happiness to people with music.”

Luke appealed for people of all ages and abilities to go to a choir meeting and give it a go for themselves.

He added: “There is no criteria, as long as people can hold a tune it’s fine. There’s no audition process, just turn up at rehearsal. It’s friendly, lively, welcoming atmosphere.

“You get a great feeling when you’re on the stage and it gives you a hobby.”

The choir have two rehearsals; Monday and Friday at 7.30pm to 9pm at Worral Independent Chapel. People are only expected to attend one session a week.

You can all Luke on 07950705895 for more information.