Amazing artist paints with brush attached to his hat in Chesterfield

Hard work: Disabled artist Bob Langford paints with a brush attached to a helmet.
Hard work: Disabled artist Bob Langford paints with a brush attached to a helmet.
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DETERMINED artist Bob Langford - who paints using a brush attached to a helmet - has unveiled an exhibition of work in Sheffield.

The 57-year-old has cerebral palsy but doesn’t let his disability restrict his creative talent.

For decades Bob has painted using the painstaking technique, which requires strong neck muscles and intense concentration.

And now a selection of his oil paintings, based on local landscapes, is on display at Heeley City Farm in Sheffield.

Bob said he was ‘very proud’ to see his work on show.

“I like painting, it is a good way to spend a day,” he said.

“I cannot use my hands due to cerebral palsy, so I have to use a helmet with a paint brush attached.

“It can take me a week to finish just one painting.”

The 15 oil paintings in the exhibition were created using postcards or pictures as inspiration.

Bob, who lives in Chesterfield and took art classes in Buxton, is a fan of artists Van Gogh and Bob Ross.

He usually sketches his creations first, then paints it with the unusual technique.

Charlotte Nutting, Bob’s support worker at a friendship group run by Enable Care and Home Support in Chesterfield, said: “What Bob does is very difficult.

“I’ve been honoured to see the commitment and the skill he puts into his work.”

Until June 30 the paintings will be on show and for sale at the Heeley City Farm kitchen - with proceeds going to the farm, Enable, and towards more materials.

Sarah Hardy, from the farm, said: “We are really glad to be able to exhibit Bob’s work in the farm kitchen.

“It’s important to support and encourage creativity and it’s exciting for the artist when a member of the public loves something they’ve created enough to buy it.

“Bob has already sold one of his paintings and donated some of the purchase price to the farm.

“I’ve got my eye on one myself!”

The paintings on sale range in price from £10 to £30 and the farm kitchen is open from 10am to 4pm daily.