Affair guilt for man who torched himself

A DISTRAUGHT dad who had a five-year affair with a work colleague committed suicide by setting himself ablaze in his car.

Craig Morgan, aged 38, suffered such bad burns he had to be identified by his dental records, a Sheffield inquest heard.

His blazing silver Saab was discovered in Carr Lane, Gunthwaite, Barnsley, by a passing delivery driver on September 9 last year.

Matches were found on Mr Morgan's charred body – which was discovered in the driver's seat – and a petrol can was found in the footwell.

He left a suicide note for his mistress Kay Blower and a text message for his wife Sarah and nine-year-old son, apologising for his behaviour and seeking forgiveness.

Deputy coroner Donald Coutts-Wood said: "He was clearly, at the time of making that message, in a distraught state and he refers in the note to wanting to end his own life."

Fire service crew manager Paul Russell, who discovered Mr Morgan's body, said: "I could tell immediately the person inside the vehicle was dead due to the extensive injuries they had received."

The court heard Mr Morgan, of Ashland Close, Penistone, had been having an affair with Miss Blower, a former Barnsley Council colleague, for five years.

Sarah Morgan, his wife of 11 years, said she knew nothing of the relationship until Miss Blower rang her on the day of her husband's death because she was concerned for his safety.

The primary school teacher said her husband, a homelessness support worker for Sheffield charity Turning Point, had become depressed in the weeks before his death and she had encouraged him to see his GP.

He had been prescribed medication for depression which he'd told her was caused by stress at work.

Miss Blower said she believed Mr Morgan had told his wife about their relationship and that they were separated, although he spent some time at home so he could see his son.

But following his death it emerged that Mr Morgan had told a series of bizarre lies to Miss Blower and colleagues to explain his low moods.

He claimed both his parents and his sisters had died and that his nephew had been killed in a car crash.

Community mental health nurse Angela Speight said she had seen Mr Morgan the week before his death after he'd had suicidal thoughts which he'd put down to work-related stress.

She said: "There was no third party and no bereavements mentioned."

Mr Coutts-Wood recorded a verdict that Mr Morgan took his own life.

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