Advice group cuts service

A SOUTH Yorkshire support group for victims of asbestos poisoning and their families has been forced to cut back the service it provides due to cash shortages.

The Sheffield and Rotherham Asbestos Group SARAG is being forced to stop its home visits and advice service at the end of the month.

From February, asbestos victims will instead be directed to other organisations in the region for assistance.

However, pledges from long- term law firm supporters John Pickering and Partners, and Irwin Mitchell, along with a donation from Demex Ltd in Rotherham, will pay for a part-time funding worker for six months who will be dedicated to researching funding opportunities and making applications for grants.

Paula Walker, from the group, said: "We hope this position will be successful in enabling SARAG to secure sufficient monies to be able to fund adequate staff and resources to provide a full service for asbestos victims in the region in the future."

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