Activist appeal decision

AN ENVIRONMENTAL campaigner from Sheffield who planned to shut down a power station is unlikely to appeal his conviction for aggravated trespass - despite a second trial collapsing amid claims an undercover policeman helped with the plot.

David Barkshire, aged 44, of Rampton Road, Sharrow, was among more than 100 people arrested when police raided a school in Sneinton, Nottingham, in April 2009.

They planned to trespass at the nearby coal-fired Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station and shut it down for a week.

Nottingham Crown Court heard a team of activists would have pressed the emergency stop buttons on the coal conveyors which feed the boilers, while another team would have abseiled down the chimney and stayed there.

Barkshire was among 13 handed conditional discharges while five others were given community orders.

But a second trial involving six activists was dropped after undercover police officer PC Mark Kennedy contacted the defence team to say he would be prepared to help them.

Pc Kennedy had infiltrated the green movement in 2000, under the name Mark Stone, and later drove a reconnaissance party to the power station in his van and hired a truck for the main protest.

He is now believed to be living overseas.

Barkshire, a cycle training instructor, has been involved in campaigning on environmental and social justice issues for the last five years.

Jesse Harris, a spokesman for the activists, said "it doesn't look likely" Barkshire will launch an appeal.

Barkshire said after the case he believed their actions were "justified" and added: "This verdict does not change our view that our actions were reasonable and necessary."

Nottinghamshire Police chief constable Julia Hodson has asked the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate the circumstances leading up to the collapse of the case.

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