A hole lot of trouble

WHEN the snow finally cleared, Prospect Road in Heeley was a mass of craters.

The potholes were so deep drivers had no option but to go dead slow to negotiate them, or risk severe damage to their motor.

One driver said: "It was flat out the worst I've seen in Sheffield, and that's saying something."


A COUNCIL spokesman said it had been repaired four days after Action Desk's enquiry.

The patches aren't pretty – or permanent – but it's a lot better.

He said: "As was the case last year, there are so many potholes created by the adverse weather that we use 'seek and repair' teams to tour areas where problems have been reported. We now have 14 teams on potholing. Over the Christmas period up to five teams dealt with the pothole repairs, but we expect the demand to increase in January as the roads feel the full impact of the winter weather.

"It's impossible to predict exactly how many teams will be needed to keep pace with the level of deterioration, but we will monitor the situation closely.

"We are hoping it will not be as bad as last winter, when we needed 24 teams fixing up to 16,000 potholes a month by the end of the winter."

Roads are also assessed for permanent repairs at the end of the winter weather. Extensive patching and resurfacing will be carried out in the spring.

Call Street Force on 0114 2734567.