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Brodsworth Hall Classic Car Show
Brodsworth Hall Classic Car Show
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Around 150 classic motors took historic Brodsworth Hall on a trip into car heritage.

The venue was the location for a Classic Cars festival which saw some of the most dedicated transport lovers in South Yorkshire meet.

Thousands of visitors spent the day looking at cars, many of which were built either before they were born or brought back memories of their childhood. Vehicles at the event ranged from vintage Rolls Royces to timeless MGs, and organisers reckoned there would be a car to appeal to every taste and era from the last 65 years of automobile manufacturing.

Not all were petrol powered - the line-up included a 1911 steam-powered car.

“The great thing about this event was that it was about far more than looking at just perfectly restored vintage cars – this showcased the iconic cars that people have driven over the last century, so you are as likely to find a 1970s Capri as a 1950s Bentley,” said Brodsworth Hall visitor operations site supervisor, Madeline Hawkins.

“They have pretty much all been brought from either South or West Yorkshire, or from North Derbyshire. It is amazing how many people in the area have classic cars.

“One of them was a 1930s fire engine which was used in Doncaster, and has since been owned by enthusiasts here.

“They look at ‘classic’ cars as anything from 1986 or earlier, so for a lot of people it was about looking at cars either they used to have, or their parents had.

“My dad had a Mini, and there were plenty of those to bring the memories back for me!”

The vehicle which should have looked most at home was a 1930s Humber, once owned by the then Brodsworth Hall owner Sylvia Grant-Dalton, last resident of the Victorian country house before it went into the ownership of English Heritage.