A big toast to the breakfast women

Toast: Susanna Reid
Toast: Susanna Reid
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A mug of tea while watching Susanna Reid hosting BBC Breakfast.

Plus a round of toast, but cut into rectangles, mind. This is the ideal start to the day for most Brits.

TV is Britain’s most popular breakfast-time entertainment, with almost half of us turning on the box each morning. Mine too, now my kid is grown. When he was young, I was far too busy trying to get him out of bed.

A survey by Warburton’s came up with the breakfast-time findings and I’m surprised. Particularly at the one about the toast.

The shape of the toast is of no consequence whatsoever; it’s the lashings of butter that are an absolute essential. Especially if you’re on a diet.

Another report published this week announced once and for all that dieting makes you fatter. The brain goes on a sabotage mission and makes you crave high-calorie foods even more than normal.

Plus, Susanna is nice, though she has yet to fully fill the dent on the sofa cushions left by Breakfast Bill’s previous sidekick, Sian.

And how come Lorraine Kelly wasn’t the biggest brecky turn-on?

She’s as warm and feelgood as a lovely bowl of porridge. Just the right amount of syrup, too. Maybe it’s those dreadful fashion makeovers her stylists attempt. I’ve yet to see one of the models looking half as good as your average South Yorkshire woman at the school gates.

And does no one else watch Judge Judy, my latest role model? She’s so brilliantly bossy she should be every middle-aged female office manager’s morning fix.