£150 ticket served at KFC

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WHAT did Bernice Jivan receive for visiting KFC twice in one evening - loyalty points?

No – a 150 parking ticket!

The mum-of-three says she visited the Queens Road drivethrough at 7pm on January 9, on her way to pick up her kids.

And she popped in to get husband Jaf some grub on her way home just before 9pm.

A week later, Bernice, aged 48, of Sandygate Road, Crosspool, received a 150 demand from Civil Enforcement in Liverpool.

She said: "I was there less than five minutes both times.

"The cameras have lumped them together to get an hour-and-three-quarters.

"I've got proof because I paid on my card both times. I'd rather go to jail than pay this."


Civil Enforcement insisted the ticket was correctly issued.

A spokesman said: "We have rechecked our photographic evidence and data from January 9 and are satisfied of an overstay beyond the maximum allowance."

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