125-Years of The Star: Fans flock to Facebook

Social network: Facebook.
Social network: Facebook.
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WHAT do you think? That is the question The Star’s Facebook fan page asks every day - about controversial, exclusive and interesting items of news.

The interactive page is a place for readers to join the debate and help shape news from their community.

It encourages comments about stories to discover the views of our readers - and they, with split and strong opinions, respond in their numbers.

When plans for Sheffield’s long-awaited new market on The Moor were revealed many gave their verdict - and had it featured in The Star the following day.

Readers also joined the debate over littering in Sheffield after The Star showed how the city was the weakest in the region for punishing those who drop rubbish.

Facebook fans can see the latest photographs taken by the newspaper, learn about daily discounts with Deal Monster and take part in polls to influence news stories on the page.

There are more than 2,500 members so far - and the number is growing fast.

Several stepped forward to take part in our profiling of Star readers - and even more have used the page to message the newsroom about their stories or posted their own events for fellow readers to see.

On special occasions - like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee - we ask readers to let us know if they have a local connection.

All the latest competitions, money-saving offers and special features are also flagged up on the fan page.

Facebook fan Paul Fretwell said: “The Star is the best place to read the local news and find out what’s going on.”


FROM ex-pats to news addicts, our Facebook fans come from every walk of life.

Arthur Hurd, aged 50, lived in The Steel City for four years, but is now based in Massachusetts in the US.

The shop clerk said: “I follow The Star to get updates on the Sheffield area. I like to feel up to date as to what is going on in their area.”

Sandra Lemons, of Handsworth, used Facebook to tell us how her dog Bill had ‘adopted’ a pair of kittens.

Her message was turned into a story in the newspaper.

The 52-year-old said: “It is lovely to see the pictures on the fan page and the stories are quite different from what’s in the paper because they are constantly updated.”


PEOPLE use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family around the world.

The site allows users to see what people they know are doing, their photographs, events and other friends once they have signed up with brief details at www.facebook.com

They can also ‘like’ organisations - such as The Star - to follow their updates and comment on them.

To start making Facebook friends or find a page, users type in the search toolbar, then click the ‘add friend’ or ‘like’ button.

Users can also create an event - and invite all their friends to it - set up a fan page or group and send private messages to another user also on Facebook.

Posting videos, polls or ‘checking in’ at locations to show where you are are also some of the more advanced tasks.

To like The Star’s fan page, simply search for it on Facebook, or go to www.facebook.com/sheffieldstar.

What do you want to see more of on our Facebook fan page?

Whether it’s competitions, sport, photographs or business, log on to our Facebook page and tell us.


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