New five star hotel - luxury or ludicrous?

Would you stay in a new £38 million five star hotel proposed for a site at Smithfield, between the Markets and Victoria Quays? It is currently one of Sheffield's most run-down areas but is close to other hotels and it is being redeveloped over the next few years.

"No. I think this policy of trying to attract inward investment with so many luxury hotels is a mistake."

Richard Roper, aged 58, Gleadless.

"While the location isn't exactly scenic, there are a couple of long-established hotels nearby that seem to be thriving. The locality around the Wicker may not lend itself to a late-night stroll but most hotel guests use taxis anyway.

"Good luck to the scheme."

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    Barry Cummings, aged 65, Broomhall.

    "I think this a very good project for Sheffield. It will enable the city to become a world class venue for conferences and exhibitions (Harrogate beware).

    "The city is very short of quality hotel beds, and the gain to Sheffield's economy would be enormous."

    Jim Smith, aged 73, Stocksbridge.

    "I would stay there but it will probably be a bit pricey and I would be worried about what effect the Wicker in it's present state would have on a hotel of this stature.

    "It is a run-down area which some people are too frightened to go into during the day never mind at night."

    Kevan Smith, aged 50, Manor.

    "In a word, no.

    "Why do we need any more hotels? Don't we have enough? What happens when there is a downturn in the economy?

    "I am speaking from experience. Just when you get settled in the job and for whatever the reason, if there are no guests the hotels do not need staff."

    Chris Lingard, aged 58, Hillsborough.

    "I think this is a tricky subject in the sense that the Smithfield area is currently one of the city's most run down areas.

    "On the positive side, it is good that redevelopment is taking place in this area. But on the other side of the coin, does the city really need another new hotel?

    "Somehow I think not! Our city has just got two new hotels - the Leopold Hotel and the new hotel by the side of the Winter Gardens .

    "The proposed new hotel will be between the Royal Victoria and the River Don. In my opinion it would be silly to build another hotel so close to the Royal Victoria hotel."

    Jane Coulston, aged 47, Crookes.

    "My main concern would be the risk of flooding, I know we don't have flooding every verse end but the risk is still there. They would have to have good flood defences in place, then maybe I would stay."

    Mollie Hickman, aged 65, Handsworth.