Living with art and Big Ideas

IT is strange when life imitates art. But that is what is happening here, where a scheme aims to offer the kind of chances budding entrepreneurs can enjoy after surviving TV's Dragon's Den - the show where business ideas are given cash incentives if they are attractive to a panel of experts.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th September 2007, 10:44 am

However, in real life, this is stripped of the drama and entrants face none of the humiliation which the TV barons feel essential to turn their version into entertainment. Instead, those with a good idea will simply be given sound advice and, possibly, a share of 100,000 to help launch the scheme.

For too long, it has been apparent that entrepreneurship has been lacking in Sheffield. And the reason we often hear is that there are too many obstacles or too few avenues for people to channel their energies. This scheme should identify and overcome those obstacles making life smoother for those who will follow.

Parents welcome city-wide approach

PARENTS, generally, will welcome proposals to introduce a city-wide policy towards mums and dads who take children on holiday during term time. For the vast majority abide by this rule and it is a minority who ignore the regulation. This will leave many wondering why they also stick to the ruling - and tempt them to ignore it in future.

At present some heads are keener than others on reprimanding parents who let children miss classes.

A city-wide approach, rather than a localised one, will be fairer and, as we say, welcomed by those parents who see sticking by rules as an important lesson to pass on to their children.

Price of a scandal

GMTV bosses must be feeling very sorry for themselves after being fined 2 million for the phone-in contest scandal. TV watchdog Ofcom said station chiefs were guilty of systematic deception. Not that they'll be too worried in the boardroom...they can easily pay up out of the 20 million they scammed from viewers!