Kenyan bishop set for special visit to Ashover

RENEWED friendship will be the theme of a VIP visit by a Kenyan bishop to a North Derbyshire village.

The Right Rev Rob Martin, Bishop of Marsabit in Northern Kenya, will be in the village of Ashover on Sunday with his wife Sue.

The visit to All Saints Church will renew friendships with the Assistant Bishop of Derby, the Right Revd Bob Beak, and his wife, Peggy, who are both members of the Ashover ministry team.

All Saints' Bishop Bob was Bishop of Marsabit between 1984 and 1989, during which time Bishop Rob worked as an accountant in the Diocese of Mount Kenya East before travelling to England to train for the Anglican priesthood.

Bishop Bob said: "The church in that region of Kenya is very poor, yet they have to carry out welfare work and water aid, which costs a lot of money."

He added: "During Sunday morning service, Bishop Rob will talk about their experiences since leaving the UK, which include famine, dangerous insecurity, a church that is financially poverty-stricken, an administration technically crippled by constant power cuts, language barriers and geographical isolation.

"But they will also tell us of their incredible fundraising and plans for the growth of the Church in Northern Kenya."

The talk will be followed by a question-and-answers session and an informal lunch for the four parish churches of Ashover, Brackenfield, Handley and Wessington.

The morning service will be led by the Rev Royston Smith, who has recently returned from a two-week mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo where he tried to re-launch the Anglican church diocese in North Kivu, which has been in crisis as a result of armed conflict.

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