Hospital mix-up fury

A SHEFFIELD couple were left horrified after their newborn baby was given a stranger's breast milk by nursing staff at a city hospital.

Monday, 3rd September 2007, 11:35 am
Updated Friday, 7th September 2007, 7:16 am

Ayesha Jones was born 12 weeks early when her mum Rebecca went into labour.

Ayesha, who weighed just 2lb 4oz, was admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit at the Jessop Maternity Wing of the Hallamshire Hospital where she was kept in an incubator.

Her mum and dad were confident she was getting the best care until they were informed there had been a mix-up.

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Rebecca, aged 26, who had been expressing her own breast milk to feed to Ayesha, was told staff had inadvertently given Ayesha the wrong bottle.

She said: "I was told there had been a mix-up due to short staffing. They couldn't apologise enough and said they would do all they could to ensure Ayesha hadn't been infected in any way. That didn't stop me worrying."

Rebecca's partner Ahad Ali, 32, a lorry driver for Asda, was called at work to be informed of the news. He said: "I dashed from work to the hospital where staff told me they would undertake tests to see if Ayesha was okay.

"For all we knew the woman whose milk she was given could have been suffering from anything."

Ayesha is now being cared for by her mum at home in Spinkhill Avenue, Richmond, after spending six weeks in hospital. Ahad said the hospital told him all the tests had proved negative - but he said his little girl continues to be troubled by a tummy bug.

He said: "Our GP told us this could have something to do with the fact she had the wrong milk. I'm very worried about this and quite angry."

A hospital spokeswoman said: "We have offered our unreserved apologies to the family of baby Ayesha for the distress. The staff involved have been extremely upset by what has happened and have undertaken further training to ensure a similar incident does not happen again."