Restoration adds shine to Chatsworth garden

Restored Revelation fountain sculpture, Chatsworth House
Restored Revelation fountain sculpture, Chatsworth House
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Gleaming after restoration work, a stunning metal sculpture has been returned to its home at Chatsworth House gardens.

Artist Angela Conner’s Revelation flower is at the centre of the Jack Pond and fed with water from lakes on the hillside above the estate.

Made from stainless steel, resin and gold dust, the five metre high and six-and-a-half metre wide sculpture has ‘petals’ which open and close due to the changing weight of water, to reveal a golden globe.

A spokeswoman for Chatsworth said: “Revelation is just one of Chatsworth’s famous gravity-fed water features and during the Bank Holiday Water Spectacular the waterworks around the garden will be playing at intervals throughout the day as well as featuring in free garden tours starting at 11.30am and running hourly until 4.30pm.

“Throughout the three days of the bank holiday weekend the Emperor Fountain will also be taken up to double its normal height – at around 200ft it sends its plume flying across the Canal Pond.”