Doncaster treasure on display at museum

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A gold container used to hold holy items in the 17th or 18th century, which was found near Doncaster, is going on display today.

The reliquary, found in Skellow, is to be shown at the British Museum in Bloomsbury, central London to coincide with the launch of the museum’s annual treasure report.

Some 300 of over 5,200 silver coins, worth £1.3 million, that were discovered in the village of Lenborough, Buckinghamshire, are also going on show.

They were discovered by a metal detector enthusiast in December and date from the 11th century AD.

Other objects to go on display include a Bronze Age bracelet hoard from Wollaston, Gloucestershire and a Viking hoard from West Cumbria which features a total of 19 silver objects including ingots and fragments of arm rings.