Yorkshire man’s tour de force for Tour de France

Alistair Griffin, who wrote The Road.
Alistair Griffin, who wrote The Road.
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It’s not a song by the Rolling Stones, it’s not U2 and Michael Jackson hasn’t come back from the dead yet this weekend, one song alone will reach as many as 3.5 billion people.

The song in question: The Road, which has been written especially to accompany the Tour de France as it comes through Sheffield.

The Road will be heard in Sheffield and across the globe as one of one of sport’s most prestigious event comes to the Steel City.

The Road will accompany the Tour de France and will – its Yorkshire-born creator Alistair Griffin says – embody the idea of ‘Yorkshire’.

Griffin says: “I wanted to write something that summed up Yorkshire and the fact it has its own special identity,” he said. “People are proud to say they are from ‘Yorkshire’ but you don’t hear people saying ‘I’m from Sussex’ in the same way.”

The song also features Kimberly Walsh from Girls Aloud and will be played across parks, spectator hubs and at the event’s opening ceremony in Leeds.

“It’s going to be a very special weekend,” says Alistair, “and I would love for the whole of Yorkshire to hear the song being played as the world’s sporting eyes focus on the event.”

Alistair has also recorded a special version of The Road with the help of some of the 10,000 Tour Makers – volunteers who will be helping out over the weekend.

“If the Tour Makers show as much energy and enthusiasm on the streets and the roads of Yorkshire as they did in the recording studio,” he adds, “then we are all going to be in very safe hands.”

Griffin was commissioned by Welcome Yorkshire to write The Road and the single is available to download now at www.letouryorkshire.com/song and www.alistairgriffin.com

The video for The Road can be viewed at youtube/hilxQHMfJ-w