Will Pounds the harmonica beat ahead of South Yorkshire shows

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When a band turns up for a show with a suitcase full of harmonicas, you know you are in for a good thing.

And The Will Pound Band – folksy, rootsy and wildly energetic – provide just that.

Frontman Will is the lead, paving the musical path with his weaponry – a suitcase full of blues harps.

John Parker, the band’s double bass player, says: “There are just too many harmonicas, you’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s great.

“The harmonica used to always take the lead but now we all have our own voices in the band.”

And it is live where the Will Pound Band shines.

John says: “We hold on to traditional musical values quite firmly, so we love playing live and performing with other musicians.

“We are part of the musical community and love to play live with musicians we along the way.”

However, were it not for Will’s health problems as a child, the band would not exist.

Will had heart problems as a young boy and learnt to play harmonica as a way of aiding his breathing problems – and has gone on to be nominated as musician of the year in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and best newcomer at Songlines Magazine’s awards.

The Will Pound Band plays The Civic, Barnsley, on Saturday, February 21, and Sheffield University’s Firth Court on Tuesday, February 24.

* For tickets and more details, see www.thewillpoundband.com