‘We have never done anything like this before’

Sheffield band Reverend and The Makers, left to right, Ryan Jenkinson, Laure McClure, Jon McClure, Ed Cosens and Joe Carnall.
Sheffield band Reverend and The Makers, left to right, Ryan Jenkinson, Laure McClure, Jon McClure, Ed Cosens and Joe Carnall.
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There’s no stopping Reverend and the Makers.

Just when you’d think the Sheffield band will put their feet up - after an epic year’s touring - they’re off again, working on the next project.

Only this time, the electro dance / rock / pop act have got their sights on a very new musical direction, as frontman Jon McClure explains.

“We’re going to record another album at 2Fly Studios with Alan Smyth and Dave Sanderson. But it’s going to be completely different from anything we’ve ever done before.”

So different is this next album - which will be called The Trip - that there are no synthesisers.

“It won’t sound like anything we’ve done. It’s not electro at all and there are no synths and I won’t even be singing on it.”

Instead, vocals will be provided by other band members - including McClure’s wife Laura McClure – and music will be organic, with orchestral parts, guitar and brass.

“It’s going to be absolutely crazy, that’s why it’s called The Trip because it really is trippy. I can’t really describe what makes it the way it is but it’s not dance music.”

The Trip is also a departure from Reverend and the Makers’ lyrical style, which is nearly always based on social observation: “The lyrics are about everything and nowt. They’re just bonkers really.”

The album follows 32, the band’s latest release, which Reverend and the Makers have been touring this past year.

“We’ve reached a critical mass as we’ve played so many shows this year – it’s been absolutely brilliant. We’ve played so many festivals and have had such a good time.”

McClure’s proud to be recording the album at Sheffield’s 2Fly Studios: “I always said that I wanted to record a full album with Alan Smyth - he’s the ‘father’ of our band and the ‘dad’ of so many other bands. I feel I can make a masterpiece with Alan.”

But while the album will be produced largely in Sheffield by Smyth, they are going to Jamaica to finish it off.

“Really we just fancied going to Jamaica. There is no Jamaican element to the sound but we will be finishing the album in the same studio where Damon Albarn recorded all the Gorillaz stuff.”

But the The Trip wasn’t planned: “We were just in the studio messing about jamming and it started. We didn’t plan it but we became addicted to what we were doing. It was a bit like falling in love – we weren’t looking for it and we didn’t expect it.”

The Trip will be recorded and released in October.

But it’s not just the completely different sound that will make the album special.

The McClures are expecting a baby this year. “We’ll be Reverend and the Baby,” he says

“And the album marks the ‘last hurrah’ of being a nutter. You can’t really be a nutter when you have a child.”

But The Trip is not a swan song. Far from it, as he explains: “It’s not the last thing we’ll do but I feel it is a masterpiece as it’s the best thing we’ve ever done and I am supremely confident about it.”

“This is chapter three,” says McClure. “Chapter one was when we released the first album, chapter two was when we went away and I went a bit mardy but this is the new chapter.”

And may that chapter be an exciting one.

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