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Tim Minchin
Tim Minchin
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FUNNY musician or comic who can play a bit...

Even Tim Minchin, the amiable Aussie-raised Brit-born comedy troubadour who cracks gags and sings funny songs from behind a posh piano has been at a loss to define himself on his rise to stardom.

“In my head I’m a musician but I’m a musician who started writing about comic subjects,” says the brains behind such inimitable ditties as Inflatable You and Song Of The Masochist.

“I’m not a comedian who picked up an instrument. I write ‘musician’ on my incoming passenger cards. I’m a good muso for a comedian, and a good comedian for a musician.”

And while his blending of both has brought international success for the striking entertainer, next month he takes the musical side a dramatic stage further as he plays one of his biggest shows yet, at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena on May 10.

Tim Minchin And His Orchestra includes new songs as well as a few of his classics given a makeover with the aid of the 55-piece Heritage Orchestra.

“Old songs like Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd and Dark Side fitted the structure of the show and could be really enhanced by an orchestra,” says Tim, who tackled several fresh challenges.

“Seven or eight of the songs are new and were written with the orchestra in mind. They’re the funniest because I use the orchestra to punctuate stuff.

“I’ve had to write in bars of rest where I know there’s gonna be laughs. In the past I’ve always just played and if people laugh I pause – time has been my own. With this you can’t suddenly communicate to 55 other people that you’re gonna slow down or pause. It’s quite mathematical.”