Ure going to get Midge’s musical career

Midge Ure
Midge Ure
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MIDGE Ure’s a mercurial man.

Over the years, the former Ultravox singer has transmogrified from power ballad rocker to electronic pioneer.

His hits included the monster, chart-topping track Vienna.

“I don’t deal with the pressure of having to top a hit. So many people around you tell you to do a Vienna two, three and four but I was never going to do that. I ignore them because if I’d given in I’d have been recreating a carbon copy of the same old thing.”

For Ure, making music isn’t about the chart-topping smashes: “Some are just interested in making music that sells, they’re not interested in doing something that rattles cages.”

Ure has been a songwriter since he was 18. Before that he started work in a factory, with ambitions to be an engineer.

“I was born in a tenement with an outside toilet and my dad was a van driver. I’d sit and watch Top of the Pops and dream of a life like that. I think there was always an artist inside of me and I would have loved to have gone to the Glasgow School of Art but that just wasn’t an option when I was growing up. My parents always believed it was good to get a trade.

But his hard-working background instilled in him an intense work ethic that has helped him perform with large bands, three-piece power trios and more recently as a solo artist.

Throughout his career, however, he’s remained faithful to his belief that a good song can be stripped down to its basics and still stand close inspection.

And from his role in prototype boy band Silk, through to being an electronic pioneer with Visage, rock guitarist with Thin Lizzy, chart topper with Ultravox and to charity fund raiser with Band Aid, this tour reflects his full career.

Midge Ure plays at the City Hall tonight.