Unique art captures songs of iconic Sheffield bands

Graphic designer Alex Szabo-Haslam with some of his Waveform creations
Graphic designer Alex Szabo-Haslam with some of his Waveform creations
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Music by some of Sheffield’s best loved bands has been transformed into unique wall art.

Graphic designer Alex Szabo-Haslam has taken sound waves created by top Sheffield acts including the Human League and Heaven 17 and turned them into posters.

Music lovers now have until September 12 to get their hands on one of the unique silk screen creations.

The former club promoter, from Lowedges, said it was the second project he had done which visualises sound waves generated by some of his favourite musicians between 1977 and 2001.

Alex, aged 31, said: “I used to be a club promoter so I used to do this kind of things for club nights.

“It’s just about making beautiful visualisations of musicians that have effected me and have been important to me over the years.

“I am from Sheffield and having been an electric music promoter, all the pieces of music have been quite close to me.”

Alex uses a sonic visualiser programme to view the song and takes a still image.

He then draws each one of the bars on to a silk screen which he uses as a stencil to produce the posters.

“Each one takes about a couple of hours to create,” said Alex, who produces the posters at Truth Studio, on Hunter House Road, Brincliffe, where he also works as a designer.

“There are 29 in this series and there were 12 in the first project. My favourite is the one by Cabaret Voltaire.

“I enjoy doing it but have no plans to do anymore anytime soon.”

Alex produced the work while on holiday from his job working with disabled pupils and graphic and media students at Norton College.

n To view the artwork visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/szabohaslam/waveform-dance-music-silkscreen-prints-second-wave