Tramlines: Nerina Pallot speaks exclusively to The Star

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NERINA Pallot is one of the highlights at Sheffield’s Tramlines festival - we caught up with the Jersey-born star ahead of her show (July 23, Hallam FM Main Stage, 7.45pm), writes David Dunn.

Q: THIS weekend you play in front of several thousand people in Sheffield - do you tend to beef up the arrangements of songs on such occasions or do you have certain songs in mind when you write that you know will work with the masses?

A: “I WRITE all sorts of different songs, and now that I’m four albums in, I have a lot to pick from so pretty much tailor a set according to audience.

“I always have one or two covers for a ‘season’ to throw in as well so if I’m not playing to my own audience there will be something recognisable to the passing listener. (Hopefully!)”

Q: ALREADY an established name in your own right, working with Kylie Minogue arguably got your name through to a different audience. Do you agree with that and have you noticed any effects, perhaps with migration of listeners to your music?

A: “KYLIE has definitely brought me a lot of new fans who are just lovely! I think the thing we all have in common is MASSIVE love for the lady and it’s great to have that as well as their appreciation for my music.

“My fans are so diverse; partly due to the years of gigging as a support act for wildly different artists and also I suppose as a reflection of the fact that my albums are quite different because I’m into all kinds of music. I mean, it’s pop but all kinds of pop.”

Q: DO you find yourself keeping the best songs back for yourself or do you tend to store up ideas you think would work better for other artists?

A: “I’M fairly even handed about it. I am always writing songs and I like nothing better than for them to be heard so how that happens doesn’t bother me.”

Q: HOW has it been juggling touring commitments with motherhood? Has it altered your outlook at life, music, the business?

A: “WELL, at the moment, because my son is still very small, I simply can’t commit to any extended periods of time away from home.

“Next year when he’s a bit older I’ll tour more extensively. It’s not a cliché - having a child is a totally life changing experience! He comes first now, everything else a distant second but at the same time I am more motivated and ambitious than ever before because I want to give him the world.”

Q: TALKING to a jazz singer recently, she said her voice changed while she was pregnant. Did you find that?

A: “NO, not really, although it was hard to get really close to the piano by the end of my pregnancy because there was a whole load of baby in the way.”

Q: BERNARD Butler seems to get something out of artists that other producers don’t. Was it noticeable at the time or did you only realise what was going on when the results were there to admire?

A: “I THINK Bernard has got my best ever vocals on record out of me, and that’s because I trusted him completely AND because he is also an artist and understood emotionally what music means to me and how the recording process is something very personal for me.”

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