Tixxy shows he is a Strongman

Tixxy Bang has released his first album
Tixxy Bang has released his first album
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A Sheffield musician is celebrating the release of his first reggae album.

Tixxy Bang – real name Marlon Rhule – says that his album, called Strongman, was inspired by the everyday struggles and hardships suffered by people in his community.

The 31-year-old, from Shirecliffe, says: “I want to use my words to help myself and others who feel oppressed by everyday living in the world today.

“I represent poor people in Sheffield communities who need some hope in these turbulent times.”

He said he developed a love of music in Jamaica at a young age and it was in school that he wrote and recorded his first song on a casette he played every day.

However, in 2001 aged 17, he emigrated to Sheffield, where after enrolling on a music production course, his career got into gear.

Since then, he has released and promoted singles, as well as building his own recording studio and label called L.Vision&Sounds.

He says: “The knowledge and experience I’ve gained is priceless.”

“Ever since my first mix CD, people have always liked my music and supported me and it is my greatest pleasure to perform for these people. My music is to motivate and inspire, and to let them know to never give up on their dreams.”