Three-piece taking film soundtrack on the road

Lead singer Rachel Davies of Esben And The Witch perfoming  at The Latitude Festival in Suffolk.
Lead singer Rachel Davies of Esben And The Witch perfoming at The Latitude Festival in Suffolk.
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Esben and the Witch have been crafting their deep, moving progressive indie music since 2008.

Their latest album, A New Nature, was released on their own label , Nostromo Records, having beenproduced by Steve Albini, the production master behind Nirvana’s famous In Utero album.

But now, the Brighton three-piece – vocalist and bassist Rachel Davies, guitarist Thomas Fisher and drummer Daniel Copeman – are embarking on a new project, which will be performed in Sheffield this weekend – they will be performing their film score for the Argentinian fantasy film La Antena.

Davies says: “It was interesting doing a film score.

“La Antena is a silent fantasy film. It already has a score, but we wrote a new one.”

However, while it presented a new challenge, the process of writing for pictures suited Davies’ style.

She says: “I tend to think visually anyway, so having definite visual cues was helpful and the images from the film are so evocative it was interesting.

“When you write an album you don’t really have a brief.

“However, doing this meant we had constraints and had to be synchronised with what’s happening in the film and that was a good thing.”

To achieve this live, the band members each have a monitor on which the film is played.

“We are constantly watching the film as we play,” she says.

“It is a totally different experience as we’d never written a piece of music that covers such a long period of time.

“The score is one-and-a-half hours’ long and of course that’s fluid with no breaks.”

Davies chose La Antena after researching a variety of films.

“The film is a vision of a dystopia in a Soviet Bloc-like city in which the leader – Mr TV – takes away citizens’ voices,” she says.

“There are some big themes in the film and we liked that.”

Esben and the Witch’s score will be performed at the Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street, Sheffield city centre, on Saturday.

The show starts at 7.30pm.

For tickets to the show, visit