The sky’s The Limit

The Limit nightclub on Eyre Street, Sheffield
The Limit nightclub on Eyre Street, Sheffield
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THE LEGEND returns...

Sheffield’s iconic nightclub The Limit is back from the rave in a new venue with a new look.

Kevan Johnson at The Limit nightclub on Eyre Street, Sheffield

Kevan Johnson at The Limit nightclub on Eyre Street, Sheffield

The new Limit in Furnival Square was due to open on Saturday night with the official relaunch party this coming weekend but getting the place ready to reopen has pushed owner Kevan Johnson - one of men behind the original club - to his own limit.

The Diary was given exclusive access to the new nightspot ahead of its scheduled reopening and got to hear Kevan’s catalogue of near misses trying to get the place ready.

“It’s been a bit of a nightmare getting the place 100 per cent finished, I haven’t really slept for three days,” said a bleary-eyed Kevan.

“I had to sleep in the club on Thursday night because one of the roller shutters jammed and we couldn’t lock it.

“All the work has been done but the electricity people have been driving us mad, they just keep you waiting and waiting.

“The rest of it is fine now. I have fire certificates and all the certificates you could think of. We’re all ready.

Kevan will be joined in the new Limit by old Limit DJ Paul Unwin who will be playing music that will bring back the old crowd - and attract a new generation of Limit regulars.

“Paul will be DJ and we will be catering for the older crowd and hoping to attract a new generation too.”

The original Limit was at 70 West Street and was open from 1978 until 1991 attracting bands like Siouxsee and The Banshees. But it’s probably more famous as the venue that was pivotal to Sheffield’s early 80s electro-revolution, staging seminal gigs with the likes of Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Comsat Angels and Vice Versa who went on to become ABC. Everyone from Pulp and U2 to the B-52s played there.

So, The Diary asks, what’s it going to be like this time?

“I think it will give the 35s and up age group somewhere safe and friendly to go to,” said 62-year-old Kevan.

“That group of people is giving town a miss now and we want to get them back so everyone can enjoy their trade. We have a massive sound system a great light show and the prices are right - £5 to get in after 11.30, £2.50 a pint bitter and lager - so it’s all in place.

“We will be open on Thursday and Friday this week and the official opening on Saturday has sold out a long time ago.”

There may be another, bigger Limit to emerge in the coming months.

Kevan Johnson also has plans to open up the rooms above the new Limit in the old AEU building - once the home of Sheffield careers service - to create a bigger 1200-capacity club.

“The area above is just right for a bigger club,” said Kevan who used to run the Beeches Hotel at Rotherham and the Fulwood Inn at Ranmoor.

“It’s the place where former miners’ leader Arthur Scargill made a lot of speeches they reckon, so it’s got some history too.”