The Sixties are brought back to life

Brian Poole & Tremeloes_
Brian Poole & Tremeloes_
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THE Solid Silver ’60s Show – returning to Sheffield City Hall next Tuesday – is a feast for fans of statistics.

Five stars of arguably the most influential decade in music will perform to 100,000 fans on the 27th tour of the brand.

Peter Noone

Peter Noone

And when you start to take in the chart standings and sales figures of headliner Peter Noone – singer with Herman’s Hermits – Chris Montez, Brian Hyland and Brian Poole, there are many more figures to get your head around.

Backing for all acts comes from Vanity Fare, a quartet from Kent who came on the scene in 1968 with I Live For The Sun before further hits with Early In The Morning and Hitchin’ A Ride, which started a new dance craze.

No stranger to that was Chris Montez, the Los Angeles artist forever remembered for his 1962 hit Let’s Dance and a UK tour that included support from a young combo called The Beatles.

Some Kinda Fun and The More I See You followed as did Brian Hyland, a New Yorker who also found joint UK and US success with Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Ginny Come Lately and Sealed With A Kiss.

Former Tremeloes leader Brian Poole bolsters the home-grown contingent this time with Twist And Shout, Someone Someone and Do You Love Me, as does Peter Noone, the former child actor – he played Len Fairclough’s son in Corrie – turned lead singer with Manchester’s Herman’s Hermits.

The I’m Into Something Good singer still has his northern accent in spite of years living in the States.

“It was all part of the plan,” he says, recalling the instant number one.

“Our management paid for record producer Mickie Most to come up to The Beachcomber Club in Bolton to see us.

“Of course we got all the girls to scream at us, but it was obvious what we were doing as they screamed in all the wrong places.”

It worked, however. They were signed and a string of upper chart incursions followed, including Silhouettes, Wonderful World, No Milk Today – written by future 10CC member Graham Gouldman – There’s a Kind Of Hush, My Sentimental Friend and Sunshine Girl.

In America they outsold The Beatles in 1965 and Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter topped the charts for three weeks on the way to selling 14 million copies.

“It was just one of those years. Things were different over there. In the UK, we would perhaps release a single every three months, but over there it was like one a month.

“It was a case of ‘while they’re hot let’s load up the market’. We actually had 11 singles out that year and at one point had three records in the top 20 at the same time.”

Come the beginning of the ’70s, however, Peter went solo, later relocating.

“I was offered a lot of work and I was a Yank-o-phile anyway. I also wanted to meet Elvis….. and I did.”

This is his third Solid Silver ’60s Tour, featuring 67 concerts, in some places two a day.

“I usually do about a hundred concerts a year in America, but coming over to the UK will be a bit like a holiday – I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends from school again.

“But I start an American tour the day after the UK one. In fact, I’m playing Disneyworld for three days.”