Team 10 oldsters set to rock out in Chair

Lily Eve Nelson.
Lily Eve Nelson.
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Team 10 is a new group formed by Sheffield songwriter and guitarist Chris Trout (Kilgore Trout, AC Temple, Spoonfed Hybrid, Bear) and featuring Jim Taylor (Bear, This Floating World) on drums, Paul Dorrington (The Wedding Present, Flying Wing) on bass, in-demand producer Anthony Chapman aka DJ Scissorkicks (Collapsed Lung, Pregnant Neck) on synthesiser and the voice of young newcomer Lily Eve Nelson.

The idea came about from “watching repeats of Top of the Pops on BBC4.

“I was 12 in 1978, and the punk and post-punk groups that used to regularly appear in the charts around then made a huge impression on me.

“So I thought, why not do a pop group like those, but from now?”

Apart from his time served as drummer for mid-2000s almost-weres Smokers Die Younger, Trout hasn’t made any music since 2002 or so.

He said: “Ten years without writing a song, then I write 12 in 12 weeks.”

Those 12 songs are currently in the process of being recorded as the group’s first album.

They make their live debut this Saturday at the Rocking Chair, Furnival Gate.