Tarry a While for great partnership

Chris While and Julie Matthews.
Chris While and Julie Matthews.
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A REAL treat is in store tomorrow when Chris While and Julie Matthews visit South Yorkshire.

Individually they are formidable performers.

Chris has a voice which lulls audiences into awed silence. The vocals can soar from tender to fierce in an instant producing one of the most mesmerising performers on today’s acoustic stage.

She is also a brilliant songwriter and seasoned guitar player.

Sheffield-born Julie also has one of those voices you encounter too rarely.

Like Chris, she is also a world-class musician and great songwriter.

Two wonderful individual performers!

You wouldn’t think life could get much better. But when these two ladies join forces on the stage, a magical chemistry takes over and even their formidable talents step up a gear or three.

Their performing paths first crossed when they were members of the Albion Band some years ago and they haven’t looked back since.

Chris and Julie have won the BBC Folk Awards accolade as best duo.

But their real reward comes from the appreciation of fans who sit in pin-drop silence throughout their shows.

CHRIS While and Julie Matthews are at the Rock@Maltby, tomorrow night. The club meets at the Wesley Centre, Blyth Road, Maltby. Next Friday’s guest is Johnny Dickinson.

GUITAR player Wizz Jones was a pioneer of the music which took traditional folk music to a new level.

Fusing blues with pop styles, he has long been regarded as one of the English folk scene’s greatest guitar players. He will be n Sheffield tomorrow for a show at the Princess Royal, Crookes.

CARA Dillon, is at the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield on Saturday.

FROM an early age, Diana Jones felt a near mystical attraction to the music of the rural South. This found a life of its own when, in her late 20s, she moved to the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in east Tennessee and made the Anglo-Celtic traditional music her own.

Her grandfather was a guitar player from Knoxville, who played with Chet Atkins in the early days.

Said Jones: “He took me driving ’round the Appalachians and whenever these old-time country tunes came on the radio, he’d sing along. This ancient mountain music was completely in his blood and, I suddenly came to realise, in mine, too.”

With a new album to her name and an old tradition flowing in her veins, Diana Jones is at the Greystones, Greystones Road, Sheffield, on Tuesday.

CHRIS Wood, one of the leading songwirters of his generarion, is at the Greystones next Friday, Nov 4.

JUNO award-winning Canadian folk singer-songwriter James Keelaghan returns to the Beehive Folk Club, at Harthill, next Friday.

GUESTS next Friday (Nov 4) at the Chesterfield Folk Club, which meets at Club Chesterfield in Chester Street, will be Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher.