Sheffield duo are not Slow in coming forward

Slow Club are Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson.
Slow Club are Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson.
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The praise for Sheffield’s indie pop duo’s latest album has not stopped since its release.

Accolades such as ‘well-groomed’, ‘classy pop’, ‘bombastic Motown soul’ and a ‘pristinely crafted album’ are just some of the praise bestowed on Slow Club’s second album, Complete Surrender.

Slow Club.

Slow Club.

And now the pair – multi-instrumentalists Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor – are touring in support of one of the album’s singles, Everything is New.

Rebecca says: “It’s been really cool touring this album though it seems like so long ago when we wrote the songs.”

“It was great making this album. We realised what we wanted to do with it very quickly, which is unusual for us. But that meant that we were able to enjoy making it very quickly.”

“Making that album was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever have. And the fact it meant we could be based in Sheffield for a while was brilliant. I made lots of friends and saw my family.

“A lot of it the album is very personal. And for the first time I wrote songs about me and sang them and Charles sang songs about him, whereas previously we have written as ‘we’.

But on this one we were able to sing about ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘he’ or ‘she’. That helped us cross a barrier in terms of songwriting and meant that I could be very personal.”

One of the most heart-wrenching tracks on the record is Dependable People And the Things That I Am Sure Of.

Rebecca says: “It was about a horrible relationship, but it was helpful to write about it. But that was more than a year ago and we now play that song every night and now I couldn’t care about it that much.”

She definitely opens up her emotions to her listeners. On introducing the track during one of the live shows in a YouTube video she says: “It’s about how I feel – and it might be a bit too soon.”

But the song’s better for it - its sincerity shines through Rebecca’s crisp voice.

“I am inspired by a lot of female singer songwriters like Dolly Parton, who wear their hearts on their sleeve,” she says.

Charles says: “We knew this record was going to be a lot more straight – more about the songs than anything.

“We spent a lot more time on the songs rather than the production or pre-production. So I think we just wanted that to speak for itself really.

Rebecca says: “It’s more about the emotion in the lyrics and then the music would compliment that.

“On the last record we wanted to be obscure and push things to sound strange, whereas this one was completely the opposite really.

“It’s been lovely enjoying the success of the album and touring it. And signing stuff after gigs has been really nice.”

Slow Club play a sell-out show at The Leadmill, Sheffield city centre, on Saturday.