Scream date for comedy cad with tuneful side

Screaming Maldini - credit Giles Bertenshaw
Screaming Maldini - credit Giles Bertenshaw
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ACTOR Matt Berry – aka smarmy IT Crowd boss Douglas Reynholm – has been explaining how he came to remix the new single by Sheffield band Screaming Maldini.

The 38-year-old, who also appeared in the Mighty Boosh, got to grips with their indie/rave anthem Summer, Somewhere. It is out on October 15.

Matt Berry

Matt Berry

“I listened to the single and immediately had ideas as to what I would do with it,” he says. “I loved the chorus. The atmosphere reminded of Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forrest. Basically, I just wanted to add a bit of sadness to that overall party. The single is great. The band clearly know what they’re about and what they’re doing.”

Matt is no stranger to music, having released three critically-acclaimed albums and composed scores for TV shows such as Steve Coogan’s Saxondale, Blunder and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. He also signed to label Acid Jazz Records in 2011.

“I’ve actually been involved in music longer than I have acting. So far I have fathomed that both art forms contain a lot of the similar kind of middle player people operating, making decisions and generally hanging around without ever making it clear to anyone what it is they actually do – or are good at.”

Nick Cox, frontman of the prog-pop sextet, aims to bring some much-needed sunshine back to the UK with SM’s new tune.

“It’s about something that all of us can relate to,” he says. “That immense feeling of boredom when you are stuck in the same routine day after day and wanting nothing more than to escape.

“Sometimes you just want to up sticks and find some summer fun somewhere. It’s full of hope and aspiration.”

The band have carved out an impressive reputation with their blend of clever arrangements, infectious hooks and inventiveness, which has led them to some unusual places.

“During our time together we’ve experienced a lot of different things. We supported Miles Kane in France, which was a great. We are very different to his style so it was great to see just how much the audience loved it.

“We’ve played with a huge 40-piece symphony orchestra and choir at Sheffield Cathedral to 600 people, slept in an attic overlooking a women’s prison and staged a flash mob-style a capella performance in a charity shop with 25 musicians.

“We love to keep things interesting and have plenty of other ideas up our sleeve.”

Summer, Somewhere is out on Alcopop! Records (UK) and gets a launch at The Harley on October 13.