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John Lydon on stage with Public Image Limited
John Lydon on stage with Public Image Limited
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BRITAIN’S original punk rock motormouth is back – and he’s heading our way.

Monday sees John Lydon, the voice of the Sex Pistols and one-time thorn in the side of the establishment, visit Sheffield’s Corporation with his revived other band Public Image Limited.

And for a fascinating, scary, random and, at times, downright bonkers 45 minutes he gave us an insight into one of music’s most eclectic minds.

One thing is for sure, Lydon has always sought the truth, no matter how annoying he might be in the process.

“I would say I’m bang on the money. I speak as I find and take it as it is,” he says, asked to sum up his outlook.

“Most people beat about the bush all day long and it’s a pity. You never get to the bottom of anything. You never get to the truth of anything, you never reach a conclusion. I’m sorry but sooner or later you have to tell the truth.”

As for the root of what some might see as a cynical attitude – but one that he has built a career on – Lydon looks to his childhood.

“When I was young I had a really serious illness. It affected me in a very bad way and I lost my memory and had to rely on adults telling me the truth.

“Unless I learned to trust I’d still be walking around like a doubting Thomas. I did learn to trust and then I found out most people lie to you anyway. That’s no way for the human race to step forward into any bright new future.

“I view a hell of a lot of people out there as crabs in a barrel. They won’t let anyone escape, they keep pulling each other back down and that’s where the world of lies will get you – nowhere.”